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Sunday, August 22 2021 16:21

(2020-2021) Bible Studies

Near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the congregation switched to using YouTube.  Please see our channel for past recordings.

Saturday, February 22 2020 13:51

(2020 Spring) Life In Christ 101

Life In Christ 101: Perspective and Practice

This class aims to apply our 2 year study, and explore the story of the Bible in three major themes:

  • God is Sovereign: Not only in power and position, but in plan
  • God is Grace
  • To God’s Glory

This class would seek to apply the Bible story and especially these three themes in various aspects of our lives like marriage, parenting, work, anxiety, anger, conflict, heart issues, etc.

E.g. Marriage:

  • God’s sovereign plan: to call to himself a people formed in his image and conformed to the image of His Son. Our big wars in marriage revolve around who is going to rule and whose image we are reflecting. Is God reigning, or am I? Am I reflecting the nature of God or the nature of Satan?
  • God is grace: God’s response to rebellion was grace! The more I understand the overwhelming gift of God’s grace, the more I extend it to my spouse.
  • At the center of the story is God: We were made for him and to display him. But we become glory thieves and rewrite the script to make us the star of the story. Living for God’s glory will revolutionize a married couple by giving them a new agenda.

This class would be an overview of what our life in Christ should look like; some of the topics covered in this class would then be expanded into full semester studies.

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Monday, January 01 2018 09:00

(2018-2019) Story Of The Bible

This is an exciting study combining several classes into one for a two year trek through all of God's scriptures to learn of the full story of God's purpose in Jesus and His people.  Overall questions we seek to answer in this study are:

  • What is the Bible?
  • What is is about?
  • How do I understand God's will from it?

Come and join us as we seek a better understanding of the answers to those questions!

Given the breadth of material, even though two years are scheduled, there will not be sufficient time to dig down into every detail.  We don't want to "miss the forest" by looking at the "trees".  We want to make sure we step back and see the big picture of God's message to us.


How The Study Works:

Foundation: Daily / Weekly Readings

We have a suggested schedule in PDF below that many of us will be following.  This has the advantage of many reading and discussing the same passages together at the same time.  Ultimately, figuring out a time and schedule that works for you is what you should do.  Reading God's Word is what is important.  Without this critical point, this study will not be of much benefit!

Class: Focus on key texts

  • Will not attempt to touch on everything
  • Rather, emphasize passages central to the main plot and themes
  • Sometimes the readings will help prepare for class, sometimes the class will help prepare for the readings

Sermons, talks, other studies may coordinate.

What's Expected:

  • Read
  • Engage
  • Ask questions
  • Encourage

What's Not Expected: Memorization of names, dates, or maps


Overall Plan:

 Year One (2018)  Year Two (2019)

 Spring - The Law

  • The first five


  • Remainder of the OT

 Summer - The Prophets 1

  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Samuel
  • Kings

 Summer - Good News

  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • Acts

 Fall - The Prophets 2

  • Jeremiah
  • Ezekiel
  • Isaiah
  • "Minor" Prophets

 Fall - The Letters

  • Remainder of the NT


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Sunday, August 21 2016 11:00

(2016 Fall) Hebrews

A study of the rich and encouraging letter of the book of Hebrews that explains how Christ is superior in every way and how we must endure to the end because of this truth.


A study of the life of Christ with an emphasis on connecting events across each of the gospel accounts and in a chronological flow.

Friday, January 01 2016 11:00

(2016 Spring) Timothy and Titus Letters

Examining the personal letters of Paul to Timothy (1 and 2 Timothy) and to Titus.

Tuesday, January 11 2005 21:05

(2005 Winter) Revelation

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Promised Land: Joshua, Judges, Ruth will be taught in that order in the large center classroom downstairs.  Teachers: Jason Coles, Dan Albaugh and Steven Thurow.

Sunday, August 23 2015 10:00

(2015 Fall) Life of Christ

Matthew - John in chronological format will meet in the south end of the back classroom building.  The teachers are: Micah Snabl, Steve Newton and Josh Read.

Sunday, August 23 2015 11:00

(2015 Fall) Paul's Prison Letters

Prison Letters: Philippians, Ephesians, Philemon and Colossians will be taught in that order by Andrew Bean, Mike Sullivan and Alan Yeater in the Auditorium.


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