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Creation Science and Evolution Series

Come and join us as Don Patton will be challenging us in a special series of Creation Science and Evolution over the week of October 16th, 2016. All lessons will be at 405 N Creasy Lane, Lafayette, IN.



Sunday, Oct 16

9:30 AM - Dead Sea Scrolls
10:30 AM - Noah's Ark
5:30 PM - Stones of Israel

Monday, Oct 17
7:00 PM - What is Creation Science?

Tuesday, Oct 18
7:00 PM - Evolution And The Laws Of Science, Thermodynamics, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, etc.

Wednesday, Oct 19
7:00 PM - How Old Is The Earth? Radiometric Dating, Age of Fossils, Strata, Oil, Coal, etc.

Thursday, Oct 20
7:00 PM - The Record Of The Rocks, Failure Of Geological Column & Alternate Explanation

Friday, Oct 21
7:00 PM - What Does The Fossil Record Reveal? Nature of Earliest Fossiles - Transitional Forms? - Fossil Men?