(2014 Fall Semester) Exodus/Leviticus

This course will focus on the Mosaic books of Exodus and Leviticus, lending special attention to the theme of the Exodus through each book. As a follow up to the Genesis class, this course will continue through the writings of Moses, tracing the early national history of Israel. While time constraints prohibit a verse-by-verse study of these books, this course will focus on major events, histories, and themes throughout the texts. While the overarching theme of the course will concentrate on the Exodus and its implications for holiness, other sub-themes will be highlighted throughout the study. Course topics will include the rise of Moses, the Egyptian slavery, the Exodus, , the Ten Commandments, the tabernacle, the golden calf, the sacrifices in Leviticus, the Levitical priesthood, the commandments for holiness, and other related content within Exodus and Leviticus.

This class will meet downstairs.

Teachers: Dan Albaugh, Jason Coles, Alan Yeater

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