(2020 Spring) Life In Christ 101

Life In Christ 101: Perspective and Practice

This class aims to apply our 2 year study, and explore the story of the Bible in three major themes:

  • God is Sovereign: Not only in power and position, but in plan
  • God is Grace
  • To God’s Glory

This class would seek to apply the Bible story and especially these three themes in various aspects of our lives like marriage, parenting, work, anxiety, anger, conflict, heart issues, etc.

E.g. Marriage:

  • God’s sovereign plan: to call to himself a people formed in his image and conformed to the image of His Son. Our big wars in marriage revolve around who is going to rule and whose image we are reflecting. Is God reigning, or am I? Am I reflecting the nature of God or the nature of Satan?
  • God is grace: God’s response to rebellion was grace! The more I understand the overwhelming gift of God’s grace, the more I extend it to my spouse.
  • At the center of the story is God: We were made for him and to display him. But we become glory thieves and rewrite the script to make us the star of the story. Living for God’s glory will revolutionize a married couple by giving them a new agenda.

This class would be an overview of what our life in Christ should look like; some of the topics covered in this class would then be expanded into full semester studies.


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