Many questions come to our minds in times of great pain and difficulty. Yet the question we all want answered is “Why?” – “Why must we suffer?” This is such an honest question. And if we are turning to God for the answer, it is a healthy question of faith. (See Job and Psalms)

We may never fully understand ‘why?’ we had to endure a specific hardship, but the Lord has graciously provided many examples and principles to satisfy our questions so we may endure in faith. Consider a few biblical answers…

  1. We Live in a Sinful World (Ge. 3:16-19)
  2. We Reap What We Sow (Ga. 6:7-8)
  3. To Correct Sin and Bring About Repentance (Am. 4:6-13)
  4. To Prevent Sin (2 Co. 12:7-10; cf. 2 Co. 11:23-28)
  5. To Perfect Our Character and Strengthen Our Faith (Ro. 5:1-11; Jm. 1:2-4; 1 Pe. 1:3-9)
  6. To Accomplish God’s Purposes (It May Not Be About Us) (Ge. 45:4-8; 50:18-21)


Are you suffering? We will pray for you. We will pray that your ‘thorns’ be removed or that you have the strength to stand in God’s grace.

Are you suffering because of sin? Please turn to God with wholehearted repentance.


Job asks “why?” (Job 3:11, 12, 20; 7:20, 21; 9:29; 10:2, 18; 13:24; 21:7; 24:1)

The Psalms ask “why?” (Ps. 10:1; 22:1; 42:9; 43:2; 44:23, 24; 74:1; 88:14)