Reading: 1 Samuel 23:14-15, 24-29



Psalm 18 teaches us to look back and see God's hand in our life to answer our prayers. Psalm 18 describes the victory God provides those who live for Him. This psalm is also recorded in 2 Samuel 22.


  1. Praising God For Answered Prayer (Psalm 18)
    1. Praise God! (Psa 18: 1-3)
    2. I Cry to the Lord In Distress (Psa 18:4-6)
    3. The Lord Answers My Prayers With Great Power (Psa 18:7-19)
    4. The Lord Answers Me Because I Am Righteous (Psa 18:20-29)
    5. The Lord Equips Me for Battle and Gives Me Victory (Psa 18:30-45)
    6. Praise God! (Psa 18: 46-50)
  2. Summary Lessons
    1. We Need Confidence in Our Right Relationship With God
    2. We Need to Reflect on Answered Prayers
    3. We Need to Thank God for Answered Prayers
    4. God Can Transform Certain Defeat Into Overwhelming Victory