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Older Material

Grateful for the work of many who have influenced us for good, we offer these outlines and messages. We make no claims of originality in the presentation of these truths. We kindly appreciate the opportunity to share the work of others along with our own. We pray that truth is taught and God is glorified by these efforts.

Title Speaker Date Series
New Sermons on YouTube! 2021-09-18 General
Jesus - Holiness in the Flesh 2020-03-08 Holiness
Holy as I AM Holy 2020-03-01 Holiness
Helmet of Salvation 2020-02-23 Armor of God
Love in the World 2020-02-23 Love
Love in the Church 2020-02-17 Love
Love in Our Families 2020-02-09 Love
Love of Jesus 2020-02-02 Love
It is Time 2020-01-26 General
Do Not Lose Heart 2020-01-19 General
Shield of Faith 2020-01-12 Armor of God
Attendants at Jesus Death 2020-01-05 General
Personal Exhortations 2019-12-29 Personal Exhortations
The Gospel of God 2019-12-29 Personal Exhortations
That You May Know Love 2019-12-22 Personal Exhortations
That They May All Be One 2019-12-15 Personal Exhortations
His Story. Our Story. 2019-12-08 Proclaiming the Gospel
To Live is Christ: Devotion 2019-12-01 Living the Gospel
To Live is Christ: Stuff 2019-11-24 Living the Gospel
To Live is Christ: Suffering 2019-11-17 Living the Gospel